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Globally benchmarked standards

At Kraphics Studio, we deliver more than just premium designs by facilitating their production, transforming exquisite designs into tangible reality. To ensure quality consistency, we collaborate with trusted manufacturers known for excellent standards and timely delivery. If preferred, we can also work with your chosen manufacturers or source specialists for unique items. This flexible approach ensures streamlined production, meeting your specific needs while retaining a high level of quality.

Production & Manufacturing Outsourcing

Super Realistic 3D Mockups

We showcase our designs using realistic 3D mockups, accurately depicting your product’s life-like form. These mockups (also available for client purchase) are sourced from a provider serving industry behemoths like Disney.

For time-sensitive projects, we use high-quality, licensed base artworks. We provide these licenses to the client for future use. Clients can rest easy knowing we ensure that all legal requirements are met, optimizing time and cost efficiency.

Artwork Licencing

We do all we can to maintain consistent color quality and avoid prototyping delays by exclusively utilizing Pantone© certified color palettes for repeat production, ensuring color consistency.

Pantone © Colors

We provide clients with competitively priced Shutterstock packages or custom photoshoots, based on their unique photo and video needs, balancing cost efficiency with top-quality footage.

Stock & Live Imagery

Our exclusive use of royalty-free or licensed typography and iconography offers clients worry-free promotion, providing all the freedom they need for their marketing efforts.

Typography & Iconography

Upon request, we securely store all project data locally for future edits and usage, should clients lose file access. This includes hosting and managing cloud- based files like forms, PDFs and more.

Storage & Maintenance



Pen to Paper

Our process begins with a thorough analysis of client needs to accurately transform their vision into reality. From design elements to manufacturing, production, or licensing, we scrutinize every aspect and present an appropriate quotation. This ensures a seamless and transparent relationship, fostering trust and clarity with all our clients.

Analysis, Quotation



Initial Proposal

We share our initial proposal with clients to determine their reactions to our proposed design direction. We then identify aspects that they find appealing and elements they wish to modify. Precisely incorporating their feedback, we revisit the drawing board to ensure all specific needs are met, creating a design that aligns perfectly with their vision.

Based on prior discussions, in our second proposal we incorporate all client requests and iterations. Although we stand ready to assist with further fine-tuning, our clients are often more than satisfied at this stage, appreciating the diligence and precision we apply to meet their specific needs and deliver a design that truly resonates with their vision.

Discussed Amendments



Final Artwork

We deliver designs in any required format for personal viewing or commercial production. Our final artworks are highly organized for ease of future use by any designer (In-House or External). We can either provide clients with digital files or liaise with manufacturers to transform the designs into physical products while ensuring quality consistency.

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