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The most enticing feature of becoming a part of our team lies in the vast spectrum of projects you'll get to tackle, all originating from well-established companies. The flexibility to operate from any location on a per-project basis further enhances our offering. Embark on an exciting journey with us and immerse yourself in the vibrant, ever-evolving realm of graphic design.

Benefits of collaborating with us

•      Experience true diversity in the field of graphic design.

•      Short term commitment, per project basis.

•      Work from wherever you’re comfortable.

•      Work at any time.

•      Fill your resume with established firms.

•      Hone your skills in the highly competitive world of design.



  • Why are we doing this?
    As a flourishing firm, we're eager to mentor freelance designers who aspire to deepen their industry knowledge, while simultaneously benefitting from the fresh perspectives and innovative ideas they bring to the table. Graphic designers, known for their creativity and dynamic attention spans, flourish amid diverse projects. We ensure that, on a project-to-project basis, our designers are neither bored nor feel undercompensated, or find themselves stagnating in roles with little variation or progress. We're privileged to work with a host of impressive established firms and are excited to extend this enriching experience to designers across the nation.
  • Who are we?
    We are Kraphics Studio, a dynamic graphic design firm established in 2016. With a consistent stream of clients across various industries, we pride ourselves on our adaptability, creative prowess, and dedication to client satisfaction. We constantly embrace growth, not only by serving an ever-expanding customer base but also by nurturing emerging talent in the field of graphic design. We strive to create an environment where innovative ideas and fresh perspectives are valued, providing our team with diverse, engaging projects that stimulate their creativity and further hone their skills.
  • How does this work?
    At any moment, we have diverse clients across various industries seeking high-quality work. To become part of our preferred designer list, simply fill out the questionnaire below. Depending on your preference, we'll reach out via email or phone for a brief interview. If we find your designs compelling and your work ethic commendable, we will invite you to join a group of like-minded designers. Job notifications will be shared within this group, allowing you the freedom to accept projects based on your assessment of the requirements, remuneration, and timeline. It's an effective and flexible way to engage with exciting projects while retaining control over your workload.
  • Who are we looking for?
    To us, creativity, efficiency, and expertise in Adobe ecosystem hold far more weight than academic credentials. We warmly welcome graphic design students seeking paid, real-world experience, as well as graduates interested in per-project remuneration. Even seasoned graphic designers eager to contribute to an extraordinary project and make their mark on the Malaysian design industry are encouraged to join us. Our aspiration is to collaborate with individuals whose design philosophies resonate with ours and possess proficiency in industry-standard software, particularly Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. Proficiency in any additional software will significantly enhance your candidacy.
  • How much do I get?
    Your compensation will be determined fairly on a project-to-project basis, reflecting your level of contribution, project demands, and quality of work delivered. All cost-related matters will be transparently discussed and agreed upon before you embark on any specific project, ensuring clarity and fairness in all our collaborations.
  • Could I put this in my resume?
    Absolutely, you can certainly showcase your work as long as it's attributed to Kraphics Studio. Moreover, we're more than happy to provide recommendation letters for your future endeavors, based on the quality and consistency of your performance during your time with us.
  • Can I work from home?
    You have the flexibility to work remotely from the comfort of your home, provided you keep us updated on the latest progress of any assigned projects. All necessary work files and instructions will be securely shared via a cloud platform, ensuring easy access while adhering to specified terms and conditions.
  • How often would I get work?
    The volume of work you receive will depend on the current demand and whether additional assistance is needed. If your skills are particularly suited for a certain type of project, the likelihood of you being assigned to such tasks increases. For instance, if your forte lies in logo design, we will prioritize providing you with more opportunities in that specific area. This approach ensures that your unique talents are optimally utilized and appreciated.


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