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A comprehensive course on harnessing the power of design

In collaboration with AIESEC, we conducted a beginner’s graphic design course on effectively designing and marketing products for profitable results, even for non-designers. We emphasized how graphic design can
be leveraged by anyone with minimal knowledge and upfront investment.


The course is comprehensive, yet concise, and we take pride in its well-structured content. We are enthusiastic about expanding the reach of this course and welcome collaborations to teach these core principles to teams or groups. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and partnership opportunities.


Design Course

It's a Date!



How can we tailor it for you?


Our comprehensive course outline is highly adaptable and can be tailored to suit the timeframe of any organization, ranging from one hour to a three-day course. The flexibility allows customization based on availability and the desired depth of information to be covered.

Course Outline

  1.     What is Graphic Design?

  2.     Softwares Involved

  3.     Differences in Usage

  4.     Products That Use These Softwares

  5.     Pricing of Softwares

  6.     Machines That Raster Vs Vector

  7.     DIY Vs Outsourcing

  8.     Designer vs Entrepreneur

  9.     Good & Bad Presentation

10.   Mockups

11.   Resources to Acquire Mockups

12.   Steps to Using Mockups

13.   Good & Bad Name Listings

14.   How & Where to Sell?

15.   How to Make a Website

16.   How to Promote for Free

17.   How to Promote for Cost

18.   Conclusion

Kraphics Studio Course Outline

(1)   What is Graphic Design?

  (2)    Softwares Involved

(3)   Differences in Usage

(4)  Products That Use These Softwares

(5)   Pricing of Softwares

(6)   Machines That Raster Vs Vector

(7)   DIY Vs Outsourcing

(8)   Designer vs Entrepreneur

(9)   Good & Bad Presentation

(10)   Mockups

(11)   Resources to Acquire Mockups

(12)   Steps to Using Mockups

(13)   Good & Bad Name Listings

(14)   How & Where to Sell?

(15)   How to Make a Website?

(16)   How to Promote for Free?

(17)   How to Promote for Cost?

(18)   Conclusion

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